Engage a customs broker to import your car to Canada!

If you have decided to buy your dream vehicle and get it imported to Canada, it is necessary to spend some time in understanding the regulations. Imports are always subject to a number of norms and laws, and something as expensive as a car would need more attention. Truth is most people have no clue as how vehicles are imported in Canada, unless of course, they are buying a car themselves. To add to that, import rules are super complicated to say the least, and it’s hard to decipher the procedures and formalities. In this post, we are discussing more on custom brokers and how engaging one is a good idea.

What can a customs broker do for me?

The role of a customs broker is a multidimensional one, and it must be noted that hiring such services is not compulsory. You cannot be forced to have a broker to get your car imported. Typically, people hire customs brokers because they don’t know as how to deal with the procedures and complications involved in imports. Vehicle import services help clients in obtaining ITN number, submission to automotive export control, and will have an agent on site at the time of crossing.

The customs broker will also prepare the necessary papers required for Customs release and will calculate the tariffs, taxes and charges to be paid to Canada Customs, ensuring that the norms are adhered to while keeping costs at minimum. They will also coordinate for border crossing and complete all the related documentation for customs accounting. It should be noted that the applicable taxes can vary. For example, all importers are required to pay GST, but a green levy tax is also payable on selected models, based on fuel consumption and other aspects. An excise tax is also payable. Your customs broker will check for everything and you are compliant to every aspect of it.

Final word

As you may have guessed by now, a customs broker works like an extended arm for your importing needs. They ensure that you don’t have to deal with the complications and other things like tariffs, and while their services come for a charge, the price is definitely worth paying. You can check online to find more on customs brokers, but ensure that you select a service that’s experienced, has been in industry for a while, and is willing to share details of the process and answer your questions.